New Year, New Blog

That’s right folks, I’m starting a blog! I’ve always pondered the idea without putting any serious thought into it, but after some encouragement, I finally thought “why not” and started getting excited about it!  Which is great because we all have those days where it can be difficult finding things to get excited about, like in the hustle and bustle of everyday responsibilities, right? Maybe that’s just me…

Anyway, apart from giving me something to look forward to, I think this will be a good way for me to just get my “voice” out there in a sense. As most of you who “know” me, know that I’m a total introvert, am more of a listener than a talker, and I don’t exactly open up very easily. So, while I won’t be pouring my heart out completely in this blog, (sorry folks, I still have some selectivity) this will be a good outlet for me to open up to the world in a way that I’m a tad more comfortable with… plus I love writing, and it’s been WAY too long since I’ve written, well, anything really.

So here are some ideas I have to entertain you all, because obviously there has to be some reason behind this blog beyond pure randomness (though I can’t guarantee there won’t be at least a few completely random postings… so you’ve been forewarned):

  • My weight loss progress: I’ve been working towards living a healthier lifestyle, and that includes getting down to a healthier weight, exercising more frequently, and eating good foods (not just good-tasting foods). While I haven’t perfected this and definitely don’t claim to be some sort of expert in this arena, there’s something great about publicly sharing this little journey of mine.  Almost as a way to help hold me accountable. No shame in a little external motivation!
  • Sharing new recipes I’ve tried: I absolutely LOVE trying new things in my teeny tiny kitchen. It has slowed down a little since having my daughter Evelyn, but she is now mama’s little helper when it comes to cooking, which makes it ten times more fun! (and ten times as long, but it’s totally worth it) Plus, I’ll be trying tons of new healthy recipes to go along with my weight loss goals. Two birds, one stone!

Here are a few things I made this past holiday season.  I know I know, they aren’t the healthiest things in the world, the exact opposite actually, but I can always blame it on the holidays.  Pinterest has been my friend when it comes to finding fun, new, and unique things to make, so I’m sure it won’t be a problem finding recipes to satisfy my sweet tooth that are deemed as somewhat healthy…


This Thanksgiving was my first time EVER making cheesecake, and it was a scrumptious salted caramel pumpkin cheesecake to be exact.  I think I may have overcooked the salted caramel sauce, but it still tasted great!  You can find this recipe here

choco  peanut

When Christmas came around, I knew I wanted to make some easy, tasty treats.  Low and behold I found this amazingly simple “Crockpot Candy” recipe.  Again, Pinterest.  I basically just put the ingredients (all 4 of them) into the crockpot on low for a couple of hours, and then spooned them onto wax paper to cool.  Can it get any simpler than that!?  Plus, they were pretty freakin’ fantastic.  I had friends and coworkers who don’t even like typical chocolate-covered-peanuts, say that they were surprised at how smooth and delicious the chocolate tasted.  Hearing that kind of feedback is absolutely why I like to make and try new things, plus it’s only worth it to share these findings with others!  So here’s where you can find this yummy treat:

  • Sharing my creations when I catch the crafting-bug: Every so often I go into full craft-mode, kind of like I did with Christmas this year (well pretty much every year).  While I’m not the most crafty person there is, I still have a lot of fun finding ideas for gifts, cutesy-type things, and things for the home.


This season I opted for making a few gifts to cover multiple people, and when I came across this home-made shaving cream, I absolutely had to try it!  It was so simple to make, and well worth the try.  Now I did have to go the health foods store to pick up a few of the ingredients, which were a little pricey, BUT they aren’t made up of any harsh chemicals.  Just natural, good for you stuff.  I added my own little touch with the chalkboard labels, and I think they turned out pretty neat! Want to see what all the fuss is about?  Find out here:

cocoa  IMG_2843

Now these babies were super fun, easy, and unique gifts as well that covered many people on my Christmas list.  Spiked Hot Chocolate in Mason jar mugs: instant hot chocolate mix + mini marshmallows + a mini bottle of Baileys.  Add some twine, a straw, and some decorated cupcake liners, and you have yourself the perfect gift.  Here’s where I got this idea: and

And lastly,

  • Pure randomness: This can include any and everything from mom stuff, parenting stuff, God stuff, endless thoughts, partial poems, and unfinished lyrics, articles I find interesting, psychobabble, and so forth.

As you can see, I have a few different things in mind to keep your attention.  Now the real task will be keeping up with this blog in the first place!  I think having my weight loss goals tied into this will really help keep me on track of posting AND losing the weight.  And since I’m new at this whole blog-business, it won’t hurt to have some tips, ideas and encouragement along the way…  Hint hint.

Alright, if you’re at all intrigued, I hope you’ll keep coming back for more 🙂

Oh, and Happy New Year folks!  May you all have something to aspire to!


2 thoughts on “New Year, New Blog

  1. You are unquestionably a person to admire, learn from and follow.
    It is really such a pleasure to have you as a friend. I’m so excited to learn from your new journey of experiments 🙂


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