My Sensual Valentine

Valentine’s Day already!? Or should I say the infamous “Single’s Awareness Day?” Just kidding, I happen to hate that phrase, by the way. Yes couples can get all lovey-dovey and spend a ridiculous amount of money to card and candy companies, but I think i’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate love! Though it mainly focuses on romantic love, you can definitely spread some to friends and family too, just in a different way. Or you can choose to do nothing at all, which is totally fine… but what fun is that?

I for one, am taking advantage of this celebration of love! If any of you have busy lives, you know that it can be hard to fit in the time to be romantic. That’s definitely been the case in my marriage lately, as finding time for each other between school and work surely has its limits. So yes, I am gladly taking part in this American ritual because I deserve some lovin! …and I suppose Ted deserves some lovin’ too.

I definitely don’t expect Ted to come up with some awesome, exuberant plan or gift for the day, though any effort or thought put into anything that he does for me—whether on Valentine’s Day or not—does not go unnoticed. Personally, as long as I can spend time with him, that’s all that matters to me. It’s definitely a perk to do something new, fun, or romantic, but my primary love language is quality time—so as long as I am able to just be with him, I’m a happy woman! Anyway, I just wanted to spoil him and show him that we can still keep our love alive during this busy season, regardless if he planned anything. Though he did say he had a surprise for me, so my giddiness level is off the charts!

So this year I totally stole an amazing idea from Pinterest: give Ted little gifts to “satisfy” each of his five senses. It’s cute, cheesy, sexy, and pretty darn clever too—especially for this particular holiday. So let me share my “Sensual” Valentine with you!

For Taste: I bought some of his favorite candy—heart-shaped Reese’s and those Sweethearts with the little phrases like “Be Mine” on them. (I let him take the Sweethearts to work with him on Friday).
For Sound: I bought an iTunes gift card (yes I realize he will likely spend it on phone games, but it still works!)
For Smell: I bought a small bottle of cologne. Gone are the days of giving him a big hug, just to take in a huge whiff of his BO (since I’m so short, my nose lines up perfectly with his armpit when I hug him). Let’s just say I’m really excited for this one!
For Sight: I bought a new pair of cute, lacy panties… for me! What guy doesn’t like to see his wife in some hot underwear!?
For Touch: I bought some Yours + Mine KY lubricant… Hopefully we’re all adults here 😉
I wrapped all the gifts up in red tissue paper, each labeled with their appropriate “sense.” Then all of the gifts were placed in a cute plastic treat box.




I love this because it’s not just a gift for him, but for the both of us to enjoy. That’s what love is all about, both people. Plus, who doesn’t like getting gifts? It helps that Ted’s primary love language is physical touch, as I’m sure he’ll absolutely love opening up the obviously suggestive gifts.

This is a wonderful gift idea, because it can be personalized to anyone’s liking! For “Sight,” maybe you could write a poem or see a movie together. For “Sound” maybe you can put together a mix tape, those type of things. Creativity is key!

So if you are needing last minute ideas, hopefully this will give you some inspiration! It could be used for future gifts as well. Even if not on Valentine’s Day, this is still an awesome way to put something together for your special someone.

Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day!


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